The Great Disrupter

The sound of wetness is the ultimate disrupter for me when I’m exploring sounds.

I don’t know if you’ve ever heard of misophonia, but I have it and it was on the fritz.

I was listening to a podcast – full volume in my headphones. And then I heard it… then couldn’t un-hear it. It was so bad that I had to shut it off.

I heard the moisture in the speaker’s mouth and I couldn’t handle it.

It’s like when I’m making mac and cheese – once it’s time to mix the cheese into the noodles, I need headphones.

A whole lotta yuck and cringe. It sets me on edge every time.

This is a huge reason why I’m anti-whispering lol

Just say it out loud.

The Sound of Silence

I’m currently sitting in the passenger side of our family’s Jeep Grand Cherokee. The windows are slightly cracked to avoid burning precious gas with the air conditioner, and my 1 year old toddler is screaming in the back seat because we decided not to play her requested song for the 14th time.

For this month’s Creative Quest with Channel Twelve, we’re exploring the theme of sound, and I’ve decided to focus more on silence than actual sound. In this moment, silence would be the absolute best thing to be experiencing.

It’s in the silence that my brain gets a chance to meander through fields of thoughts, pick up interesting ideas, and drop some off by the wayside.

As I’ve been tuning into the silence more often, I’m realizing that it’s not as silent as I was expecting it to be. The voices in my head are actually pretty loud when I don’t have anything else distracting me from them. They really have a lot to say.

I found out the other day that not everyone has a relentless inner monologue going on and it intrigued me. This phenomenon is called aphantasia, also known as blindness of the mind’s eye. Blew my mind, honestly. Until that moment, I never imagined a world where people didn’t think in sentences or have mental conversations with themselves.

That’s a level of silence that I truly can’t fathom but I’m completely fascinated with it.

What about you? Do your thoughts have a voice or is silence your friend?

The Brave Thing

Throughout my creative journey, I’ve gone back and forth about the “brave thing”.

The hardest thing that has to be done in order to live the life I’m trying to live.

Sometimes I’d say talking to folks and socializing is the brave thing for my introverted self.

Sometimes I’d think that being willing and able to put your feelings on display is the brave thing.

Now I know that the brave thing – the real hard thing – is showing up.

Showing up again and again, showing up knowing what I’m doing, every single day… that’s the brave thing.

Anyone can be complacent. Anyone can wait for someone else to show up and do something.

Every day that I choose to be that ‘anyone’ is a day that I choose to be my bravest self.

Showing up is a super power.

Time to tap in.

Listening to Laugh Tracks

I was watching Emeril and caught caught up in listening to the reactions of the audience.

Of course, I know they’re being prompted to shout out their oo’s and ahh’s on queue, but I couldn’t help but think about the way these sounds are used to shape the story being told.

Laugh tracks.

They’ve always been a little ridiculous to me. Definitely cheesy, but effective.

As a kid, I loved to listen for the crazy cackles and giant guffaws – most of the time that entertained me more than the content it was paired with.

Most of the shows I watch these days don’t have laugh tracks. Silence speaks just as much volume as the carefully curated background tracks. It’s a different experience.

During this month’s creative journey through sound, I want to focus on being more aware of silence and how this invisible force moves through our lives – whether in music, culture, or conversation.

A Bit of Progress

I’ve been getting into making beats lately – out of necessity more than desire.

Studio time isn’t cheap, and if I’m going to be intentional about this music thing, I have to think outside the box. Praise Jah for my MIDI keyboard, microphone & GarageBand.

I’m actually proud of the sounds I put together. It’s still a work in progress, but for the first time, I’m excited about doing it. I’m excited about what it will turn into and all the inspiration that will follow it.

Someone, somewhere in the world is waiting for me to let go of what I have in my hands.

May these baby steps turn to running in no time.