23 Going on 16

Upon reading a post from FailingYoungAdult, I was inspired to share my own personal experience of being misidentified by my looks.

Before hearing me speak, most people think I am between the ages of 12 and 17.

So when I was young, as with any young adolescent, I wanted to be seen as older and mature. At the prime age of 13, however, I was still getting into places like Old Country Buffet at an extremely discounted rate. The kind woman at the counter would say, “And how old are you sweetie? 8?” Naturally, this was my reaction:

But silently, of course, so mom and dad could get the discount.

Countless times, I have been on line for an R-rated movie and have been carded each. and. every. time. One night, 2 friends and I decided to go see The Orphan and it just so happened that I forgot my ID in my dorm room. Whoops. I tried to convince the 20-something year old attendant that I was actually 19 – to no avail.

Why won’t you believeeee meeee?!

My friend ended up having to purchase my ticket then sneak it to me on the sly. SMH.

There was an upside to this though. I LOVED making people look the fool when I produced my ID card and Voilà! Of age. Large. And in charge!

Like a boss

Depending on the situation, looking young can be a good or bad thing. Now that I’m at the ripe old age of 23 and staring down at 24 in utter disgust, I can proudly say that at the rate I’m going, I will be one hot SMOKIN’ grandma! 🙂

Hell yeah!!

~Your Fellow Bookworm~


Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Two – Throwbacks

Since I have finally fully dedicated myself to this novel, I have to say, it’s pretty exciting. All morning I have been developing my main character [Cadence Prior] and while working on her back story and childhood, I was inspired to create this post. Here’s to some of the most memorable moments of every 90s kid’s childhood:

1. Any and All Things Disney

Am I the only one who wished this would happen? El oh El.

2. MySpace was more than a social network; it was a way of life.

Top 8’s could make or break any friendship/relationship.. but if you were a bit tech savvy like myself..
A little wave of the magic wand and a dash of HTML codes and you no longer HAD a Top anything! No feelings hurt, no love lost.

3. For some strange reason, !t wuz @kc3p+!bl3 2 r!t3 L!k3 +h!$.

Why, Lord, why?

4. Dollz ruled the world. Point blank. Period.

I ALWAYS had a few hours to spare to create these puppies..

5. Where the hell WAS Carmen Sandiego?? And Waldo for that matter.

6. Mathblaster, Cluefinders, and PutPut? Yes please!

7. Milky pens made me appreciate dairy and diary covers that much more.

8. Whenever it was time for a new episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

If you must know, YES.. I was [and am] VERY afraid

9. Rolling your eyes and neck and snapping Z’s in the air was completely acceptable argument etiquette.

10. ‘Nuff said.

Oh that delightful cherry red

11. The closest thing you got to the parenting experience

You think Black Ops is hard? Try keeping this alive for two weeks.

12. Garbage Pail Kids

These little suckers graced the cover of all my notebooks and textbooks

13. … and speaking of textbooks…


14. …and speaking of socks…  


15. No PhD required

16. Who needs an Ipod when you’ve got Hit Clips!

17. Having your mind blown with each new Nintendo installment

18. ..and speaking of Nintendo..


19. Skip It !

20. Hungry Hungry Hippos

21. The Ultimate Ladies’ Man

22. The most ANNOYING little sister

23. Pretty much anything 3D amazes me but THESE…

Sweet Jesus take the wheel

24. Come on and Zoom

25. And finally, the ever dreaded loading screen

All you could do was pray that no one tried using the phone

I know that there are tons more that I haven’t mentioned so drop a comment and share some of your greatest memories!

New Kid On the Block

I’m pretty sure at one point or another, you have been the new kid. Whether it was a new school, a new job, or even just a new group of friends, we’ve all been there. The main character of my novel, the lovely Cadence, has found herself in just the same predicament as she enters her junior year of high school. As usual there’s the awkward staring as the new kid enters the class and you’re all like:

The teacher is all “Would you like to introduce yourself to the class?” And silently think to yourself, “SURE”

The next few hours and days feel like a lifetime and you walk around trying to keep to yourself most of the time, but of course you have the occasional random person in your grill like

And what you really REALLY want to say to them is

But instead you fake a smile like the pleasant little gem you are and hope they will quietly go away.

Okay, so it’s not always that bad or awkward but it is still a situation that you’ll have to get used to until you fade into the crowd and become just another student/employee/friend. The same happens for Cadence but then all of a sudden

Things take a very interesting turn and at first, she is in straight up denial and all like

but after some irrefutable proof

It’s really hard to keep in all the details without wanting to spill the beans and just put the whole story up but I believe it will be worth the wait 🙂 I just wanted to give you a teeny tiny intro to the main character and I hope you will think she’s as fantamazing as I do.

~Your Fellow Bookworm~

Writer’s Block

Good morning and happy Monday folks! I should be writing.. like.. all the time but unfortunately my procrastination has gotten the best of me, hence you having to wait a whopping 4 whole days for this post.

Anyway, this weekend was quite entertaining, especially since I watched my friend Kofi Black perform with the oh so talented Mack Wilds. I can’t lie to you… I was swooning. They are such talented artists and I couldn’t help myself but to fangirl out and scream my little head off [el oh el]. Once Kofi started singing my all-time favorite song of his called Superman, I was all like

Mack performed his two hit songs Hennessy & Own It. Of course the whole crowd was moving and I honestly haven’t been to a concert/performance where the WHOLE ROOM was going crazy.. After his performance I was slick enough to linger by the stage steps. Mr. Wilds gave me a hug right before he left the venue and I appropriately responded by fangirling to the max.

It’s not every day that you get to be skin to skin with a celebrity so excuse my minor heart attack as I re-live the moment.

Now that I’ve caught my breath, back to the reason of my post. Lol. I am probably the biggest procrastinator that I know and so I will ultimately be my own worst enemy throughout this novel writing process. ::Sigh:: Thankfully, this weekend filled with music has further inspired me to get my rear in gear and make the magic happen. Music will definitely be the biggest theme in the book and hopefully you enjoy it as much as I hope I enjoy writing about it. Rest assured, there will definitely be elements of the mystical sort involved.

I will keep you updated as things progress. HAPPY MONDAY 🙂

~Your Fellow Bookworm~