Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode One – Therapy

Okay Ladies and Gents, this is the first in what will be an ongoing series of posts called Three:Thirty Thursdays. I will post a new “episode” every Thursday at 3:30pm and the theme will always be different. I was indirectly inspired by good friend Derrick for this episode and what better way to start the series than to rant and ramble about my three biggest obsessions.

Numero Uno:


More specifically, this magnificent creation known as the KitKat is the essence of my entire existence. I’m not entirely sure if the wafers are hand crafted by fairies and blessed by the hands of Saints but mannnn let me tell you.. I cannot resist those heavenly sticks of magic. After indulging and over-indulging in this delicious treat I’m not sure if I need to see a therapist, dietician, or both.

Numero Dos:


As I pointed out in The S behind the dot, I was most likely Japanese in my past life. 10 out of 10 times I would much rather be doing backstrokes in the vast sea of Japanese animation than to dip my toes in the pool of sitcoms and dramas. I love a good cartoon but there’s nothing like a Kamehameha from Goku or my all-time favorite Rasengan from my main man Naruto. I’d also have no problem snacking on some Gum-Gum fruit like Mr. Money D. Luffy since I can’t really swim anyway. My choice of anime, just like my usual choice of  YA novel, revolves around the supernatural which leads me to my third ramble…

Numero Tres:
All Things Spooky


Now when it comes to this obsession I am a walking conundrum. Vampires? Love em. Werewolves? I wish I had one as a pet. Aliens? What’s poppin playa?! Tim Burton? My main man with a plan. From beautiful fairies to ugly ogres and skinny skeletons, I love everything about the supernatural world. Every novel I read has to do with that sexy alien boy from next door or the glittering idiot of a vampire that I can’t help but love. Now here is where I become the epitome of a contradiction: I hate scary movies and I’m terribly afraid of the dark. I will snuggle up in bed, late in the midnight hours with my Kindle app alive and well on my phone reading about the Minotaur that eats the souls of baby leprechauns but I will make sure that the light of my television or laptop is shining as brightly as possible. SMH. I’ll surely do all in my power to get my hands on that next best monster book while cowering in the corner while it’s movie counterpart flashes across the big screen. #EpicFail. Where’s Dr. Phil when I need him?

What are some of your obsessions? Share them with class kiddies! Comment and share. As always, thanks for stopping by and tune in next week for another episode of Three:Thirty Thursdays!

~Your Fellow Bookworm~


5 thoughts on “Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode One – Therapy

  1. Love this Sammy Jo! I was trying to think of my obessions and i feel like i have quite a few lol but my biggest obsession as a whole is laughing! You know i love to laugh. Keep it up and I’ll be tuning in next Thursday at 3:30 😉

  2. lol nice Dottie!
    i agree with anime. been a huge fane since ’94. when my brother came home with bootleg VHS tapes of Dragon Ball Z — smh… soon i was singing “Cha-La! Head Cha-La!” and learning japanese words here and there lol.

    not sure when they first came out, but i remember they were everyone’s obsession in the 80s — Kit Kats!! ppl would die for those! lol no joke.

    as for my own obsessions, CANDY in general was somethin serious back in the day. im talkin from Starbursts and Skittles to mr. Goodbar and Krackle; Twizzlers makes mouths happy. M&M’s. Reese’s. FUN DIP! Bazooka Joe… omg the list goes on! lol

    current obsessions would be: Bacon! my first true love. solid. solid as a rock. i dont kno about you, but i love gorgeous ladies… those two still havent changed from infant hood. fan of anime. obsessed with music. various genrés. almost nothing current tho. when the state and standard for mainstream officially changes to something decent, maybe ill turn my radio back on. maybe.

    comedy. from sketch comedy and improv to stand-up and just straight up being a clown lol. sometimes harsh and others light-hearted or corny. i enjoy making ppl laugh and having a great time.

    cant front. porn used to be on this list lolll. im a Scorpio. what can i say?? ladies, hit me up. my number is 555….. yo dont those fake ass numbers on tv piss u off!? lol

    • You know what, turkey bacon should have definitely been on this list because there are times when I would fry up a whole pack and eat it like I’m snacking on chips while watching TV. Music is definitely a great obsession to have. Look out for my EP this summer lol 🙂

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