Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Two – Throwbacks

Since I have finally fully dedicated myself to this novel, I have to say, it’s pretty exciting. All morning I have been developing my main character [Cadence Prior] and while working on her back story and childhood, I was inspired to create this post. Here’s to some of the most memorable moments of every 90s kid’s childhood:

1. Any and All Things Disney

Am I the only one who wished this would happen? El oh El.

2. MySpace was more than a social network; it was a way of life.

Top 8’s could make or break any friendship/relationship.. but if you were a bit tech savvy like myself..
A little wave of the magic wand and a dash of HTML codes and you no longer HAD a Top anything! No feelings hurt, no love lost.

3. For some strange reason, !t wuz @kc3p+!bl3 2 r!t3 L!k3 +h!$.

Why, Lord, why?

4. Dollz ruled the world. Point blank. Period.

I ALWAYS had a few hours to spare to create these puppies..

5. Where the hell WAS Carmen Sandiego?? And Waldo for that matter.

6. Mathblaster, Cluefinders, and PutPut? Yes please!

7. Milky pens made me appreciate dairy and diary covers that much more.

8. Whenever it was time for a new episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?

If you must know, YES.. I was [and am] VERY afraid

9. Rolling your eyes and neck and snapping Z’s in the air was completely acceptable argument etiquette.

10. ‘Nuff said.

Oh that delightful cherry red

11. The closest thing you got to the parenting experience

You think Black Ops is hard? Try keeping this alive for two weeks.

12. Garbage Pail Kids

These little suckers graced the cover of all my notebooks and textbooks

13. … and speaking of textbooks…


14. …and speaking of socks…  


15. No PhD required

16. Who needs an Ipod when you’ve got Hit Clips!

17. Having your mind blown with each new Nintendo installment

18. ..and speaking of Nintendo..


19. Skip It !

20. Hungry Hungry Hippos

21. The Ultimate Ladies’ Man

22. The most ANNOYING little sister

23. Pretty much anything 3D amazes me but THESE…

Sweet Jesus take the wheel

24. Come on and Zoom

25. And finally, the ever dreaded loading screen

All you could do was pray that no one tried using the phone

I know that there are tons more that I haven’t mentioned so drop a comment and share some of your greatest memories!


10 thoughts on “Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Two – Throwbacks

  1. Lion King was and still is my shit lol. aint it crazy how HARD MySpace fell the f* off!?!?? i think maybe 5 people still use it…

    those cartoon dolls used to be “avatars” or “avs” on whatever site i used to be on in like 2001 lol. was on my Mr. Rodgers ish and switch up outfits every half hour.

    and Carmen Sandiego and Waldo was knockin boots. thats why they was both M.I.A. like that… plus she got on that streaker’s coat. think she slick lol

    WOOWW!! MathBlasters……. she really took it there… LOL. #9 is KEY to my impression of a ghetto girl. Dottie, ima hav to put u on one day

    #10. i loved those things but they always gave me a headache. Tomagochi’s were shameful lol. glad i never had one. Garbage Pail Kids are still dope!! hold up, i think i heard they brought them back??

    GameBoy. Metroid. Zelda. wait, no Pokemon?? lmao Dexters Lab and Johnny Bravo i gotta get on dvd… classsic!

    OH! howd i miss Skip It!!? shoo-bee doo-bee doo-bee doo-bee and a bop-da-BOP in this b*tch! and the very best thing of all… NEVER IN MY LIFE played with that OR seen, knew or even HEARD OF anybody having one

    wow. other ish coming to mind… whos fkn with Teddy Ruxpin? i was always jealous of my cuz. she had the Jeep Wrangler POW-POW Power Wheels joint lol.

    LANYARD!! how many hours did u spend doing the staircase and cobra??… ORIGINAL Nintendo! Super Mario; RC Pro Am. Tecmo Bowl. Link. Festers Quest. and about a million other titles… Sega Genesis was my ish. Streets of Rage. Sonic. FILA’s used to fkn dope. seen some dude rockin those the other day. i was embarrassed for the guy lol.

    and hungry hungry hippos was just loud madness. had nothin on Chinese Checkers and Hot Hands. Suicide! Freeze Tag, Rounders. Man Hunt smdh. i could go all day with this

      • woww… Crash Bandicoot and Spyro!! lolll those were PS1, but i could take it back to Nintendo no problem! lol

        but hold up. those titles gave me a flashback to some other playstation games… what about Jet Moto!? Metal Gear Solid. Tenchu. Street Fighter Alpha. Twisted Metal!… ah mann… and Spyro had that mean head-butt! lol

    • lmao!! @ Parappa the Rapper!! i wanted to play that game so bad back in the day!… i still kinda wanna play it NOW! lol i never got to. i was broke and didnt kno anybody that had it to borrow from…

      smh. Mortal Kombat. how could i forget u??… how many quarters spent at ARCADES!!!! both Mortal Kombat AND Street Fighter… insane lol

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