23 Going on 16

Upon reading a post from FailingYoungAdult, I was inspired to share my own personal experience of being misidentified by my looks.

Before hearing me speak, most people think I am between the ages of 12 and 17.

So when I was young, as with any young adolescent, I wanted to be seen as older and mature. At the prime age of 13, however, I was still getting into places like Old Country Buffet at an extremely discounted rate. The kind woman at the counter would say, “And how old are you sweetie? 8?” Naturally, this was my reaction:

But silently, of course, so mom and dad could get the discount.

Countless times, I have been on line for an R-rated movie and have been carded each. and. every. time. One night, 2 friends and I decided to go see The Orphan and it just so happened that I forgot my ID in my dorm room. Whoops. I tried to convince the 20-something year old attendant that I was actually 19 – to no avail.

Why won’t you believeeee meeee?!

My friend ended up having to purchase my ticket then sneak it to me on the sly. SMH.

There was an upside to this though. I LOVED making people look the fool when I produced my ID card and Voilà! Of age. Large. And in charge!

Like a boss

Depending on the situation, looking young can be a good or bad thing. Now that I’m at the ripe old age of 23 and staring down at 24 in utter disgust, I can proudly say that at the rate I’m going, I will be one hot SMOKIN’ grandma! 🙂

Hell yeah!!

~Your Fellow Bookworm~


9 thoughts on “23 Going on 16

  1. This post made me smile, I was the same when I was younger – always wanting to look older, or at least the age I was at the time. Enjoy it! Drink plenty of water! Moisturise like there’s no tomorrow! I’m 42 now and my God do I miss those moments of “Why won’t you people believe me!”

    • I’m glad that I’ve outgrown the wanting to be older phase. Now that I’m over 21, I just want to go back to the good ol days haha! I’ll definitely be moisturizing to the max and hope for the best 🙂

  2. Ha! I have this problem too. I mean, it’s gonna be AWESOME when I’m 60 and everyone thinks I’m 40… but right now it’s just annoying. I just started a new job and went on a business trip this past week. Everyone asked me “Oh, did you just graduate from college?” I’ve been out for nearly 8 years now. When I told them how old I am (31) they were all like “No you are not! You like 22!”

    Anyway… just wanted to let you know I feel your pain! 🙂

    • The older we get, the more we will come to appreciate the Benjamin Button hanging out inside of us. I think I’ll be suffering from Peter Pan syndrome when I hit my forties, haha.

  3. There’s a bright side to looking so young. (When you’re 90, people will think you’re 70!) I’m 45 and people think I’m 22. Yup. They can’t believe it when I tell them my real age. My theory is that if you take vitamins, stay well hydrated, perform frequent colon cleanses, drink lots of herbal teas (and eat healthy in general), stay out of the sun and stay well moisturized- you’ll maintain your youthful looks longer than the average person. (That stuff really works!)

    I’m a bookworm too, by the way., nice to meet you. :0)

    • Nice to meet you as well! I literally did a double-take on your photo because I don’t see 45 anywhere. Lol. I’m still trying to get myself to like water.. It’s been a struggle my whole life, but I’m getting there. My favorite pastimes is moisturizing so I think I’m pretty good there, haha!

      Thanks so much for stopping by 🙂

      • Tell you what my “secret” is (well, I have a few) but I’m a dedicated user of Proactiv. (And no, I’m not a spokesperson for the firm! ha.) I’ve used it regularly for 5 or 6 years now. My skin took on a radiant look after using it, and now- when I don’t use it for a while, I can see a dramatic difference. Also, the water thing. Ugh. I know. It’s a pretty boring beverage! You can drink carrot juice or any of the fruit and veggie smoothie’s in the Kroger produce section as its replacement. The key is to stay away from “fruit juice beverages” (as they’re loaded with corn syrup and bad sugars) and stick with 100% “fruit juice”. If it doesn’t say 100%- it’s a waste of time, you know? I totally hate exercising. Love to go out and hike on my photoshoots, etc., but I’ll never (EVER) own a gym membership, so I believe that if you eat the right stuff to begin with and get moderate exercise through activities that you actually enjoy, you’ll never have to sweat your life away “making up for the bad stuff” in a gym somewhere. Well, that’s my motto anyway, and it works. ;0)

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