My First Blogging Challenge

Hello and happy Monday everyone. When I first started my blog, I didn’t exactly know what I was doing (not that I really know what I’m doing now, el oh el) but I came across the A to Z April Challenge and I figured

Last time I checked, there were over 1900 bloggers participating, so I’m really excited to visit as many blogs as I can and make some new blogger friends. My first blog visit tomorrow will be to Musings and Mutterings. Can’t wait to see what you have in store 🙂 Since tomorrow is the 1st of April, my post will be associated with the letter A, April 2nd the letter B, and so on and so forth.  I can promise you the gifs that you all seem to love and access to all the random thoughts doing backstrokes in my brain juice.

Hopefully, I’m successful in making it through the entire month and not ending up like

or this


Paper cuts : A huge evil in a tiny cut

I honestly don’t know what my life is about right now. I cannot fathom how or why I have managed to inflict so much damage to my poor fingers in one day. Paper cuts are like ninjas. They hide out until they’re exposed… and when they’re finally exposed, they release a fury that the world has never seen. I was at work, minding my own business, when I went to go wash my hand like a decent, non-savage human being when all of a sudden


Pain the likes of which I had never seen coursed through my entire hand. 8 different paper cuts revealed themselves in all their agonizing glory. How they got there? I have not one piece of a clue. Thank God there was no lemon juice or vinegar around. Bastards.

8 tips on How to Write a Believable Friendship or Best Friend Character

So glad I found this. Definitely helped me a lot with this whole novel writing thing. 🙂

Chersti Nieveen

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* * *

One of my biggest pet peeves in a book is the shallow friendships. Or how most female characters don’t have a true best friend. They prefer to go solo so they can spend most of the time with the love interest/representative hottie. But let’s face it: usually girls are social creatures and most of them have a best friend in their high schools years (and even throughout their lives).

Here are some common mistakes I see when writing in a best friend secondary character:

The protagonist has a long-term best friend and I DON’T SEE WHY THEY ARE FRIENDS. Furthermore, the protagonist often speculates on this and never comes up with a reason…

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Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Six – What Do You Meme?

I feel like laughing. Today has been an annoying day, and all I want to do right now is laugh. So today’s episode of Three:Thirty Thursdays will be a showcase of some funny memes, rage comics, and gifs. They say laughter makes the heart stronger, so my goal is to have the heart of the Hulk. Enjoy 🙂








I’ll save you!


Worst. Decision. Ever.

My sentiments exactly.

I feel better now. 🙂 Happy Thursday!

I’m Convinced !

I'm Convinced !

Just thought I’d share this:

I’m 100% totally convinced that CapriSun drinks and Wheat Thins are laced with crack or some other addictive drug. I just devoured half a box while sitting at my desk AND drank 3 CapriSun pouches in literally 2.5 minutes. Savage.