Monday Morning Blues : A Letter to Mother Nature

Good morning everyone!

So all weekend, there has been talk about Winter Storm TITAN and the devastating blow he was supposed to land on the tri-state area. Though I am opposed to the mere thought of snow, I was actually looking forward to a relaxing day on the couch in the company of Netflix and some snacks.

When I awoke, however, there was nothing more than a thin layer of confectioners sugar on the sidewalk and on my windshield. So I thought I would write a short letter. Dear Mother Nature,

You know how much I was looking forward to this so-called Titan. I was supposed to look like this today:

But because of you, I am currently at work like this:

It’s honestly not fair. You know how much I don’t enjoy your winter wonderland tantrums, but just this once… ONCE… couldn’t you have granted my request? You’ve been quite bipolar this season Mother Nature but I was expecting you to at least come through with your promises to ruin everything with your mountains of fluffy white stuff.

What’s going on here??

As compensation, I suggest you get your life together to prevent these mishaps of misinformation in the future. As added incentive, summer needs to make a dramatic, EARLY appearance. We’ve had enough snow that a rainy Spring is not at all necessary. I think you should work on your people pleasing skills. Thanks. ‘Tis all.

Now back to working on my novel…


7 thoughts on “Monday Morning Blues : A Letter to Mother Nature

  1. Mother Nature needs to get herself together. It’s throwing of my ability to dress properly for the weather!

  2. Lol! I used to HATE that when I was at school and hadn’t revised for a test! Soooo disappointing when you wake up thinking the winter weather had your back and you run to the window to see NOTHING! A mere sodden whimper! As Ellen DeGeneres said, we’re praying for you! 🙂

    • Haha! I think that’s probably the worst. At least when you’re unexpectedly expected at work because of the lack of a blizzard, you can kind of fudge your way through the day. When you’re in school though, all those homework assignments and tests that you thought you’d have one more day for are laying in wait for you. The worst feeling ever. Lol.

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