Creative Motivation

“A creative man is motivated by the desire to achieve, not by the desire to beat others.”
-Ayn Rand

I ran across this quote today in my search of a blog topic. I instantly fell in love with it. The ability to be creative is one of my most treasured talents. Let’s face it, not everyone can look at a moth and see the possibility of a butterfly. Fortunately for me, and many many others out there, we were blessed with the gift (and sometimes curse) of

I find that I enjoy what I’m doing the most when I think about myself. I don’t want to sound selfish, but sometimes indulging in your own imagination can be therapeutic. I think that’s one of the main reasons why I started blogging and writing my own novel in the first place. Don’t get me wrong, I’m an avid book reader. I was once considering getting a tattoo of the cutest little bookworm you would ever see, but my extreme aversion to needles suggested otherwise. With reading, I get so caught up in the world that the author has created and I love it. What I love even more, though, is getting lost in my own head from time to time.

Maybe that’s why authors write in the first place. Maybe they’re big kids on the inside, like me, and just wants everyone to come play in their world as well. I’d like to think of writing as something unrelated to sports. Sports is usually (but not always) all about competition and who can be on top. There’s such an air of aggressiveness at times

Whether it’s writing, singing, dancing, drawing… WHATEVER you are doing to exert creative energy, it shouldn’t be about competing with those outside. If competition motivates you, then compete with YOURSELF. We are all creative in our own ways. So instead of trying to be more crafty or wittier than the next person, try to be more creative than you were yesterday. Try to think of a topic from a different point of view. Try something new entirely.

Can’t sing? Write a song. Can’t dance? Bust a move, no matter how awkward or terrible it is. Just don’t hurt yourself. All in all, HAVE FUN. 🙂 That was my rant for the day. Tune in tomorrow for Word Porn Wednesday!


4 thoughts on “Creative Motivation

  1. Your gifs today, (like always) were on point! Lol it wasn’t that long ago I was renacting the same hand motion. Too funny!! X)

  2. I think you hit it on the nose. Most of the time we are always competing with ourselves. We are the people that judge and place the talent of others and what we see. I love the quote and the rant it makes me think of believing in yourself enough to just do you.

  3. That’s the most important part I think. I mean sure, it’s nice to have others that believe in you but if it doesn’t come from within, it just makes it that much harder to push yourself to be better. Other people can’t want it for you.. you have to want it for yourself. You can’t show others your vision if you don’t even know what you’re looking at.

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