Good Times..

First, I would like to say HAPPY FRIDAY!!! There’s just something about Friday’s that make me want to just bust a move

This morning I was talking to my best friend and was thoroughly amused by our conversation as always. I was struggling with finding a topic to blog about today so she graciously volunteered to be my subject. For this post, I have decided to leave her nameless. Eventually, you will get the chance  to meet her.

One of the things I love about my best friend of 7 years is that she’s just as weird and random as I am. The other is the fact that we’re literally yin and yang. Where I am pessimistic and cynical, she is optimistic and hopeful. Where my face usually looks like

She’s usually all like

I’m the serious one that barely ever cries and she… well she is my little sapling. El Oh El. An interesting tidbit about her is that she had never seen most Disney movies until we were in college. Minus The Lion King. Below are my favorite 3 of her reactions as we caught her up on her childhood.

Lilo and Stitch




As you can see, she’s the emotional type that will swoon at a romantic moment and cry her eyes out at the scenes that are meant to be soft and touching. Meanwhile, my reaction is pretty much always like

Unless it’s something funny and then I’m like

Happy Friday Everyone! 🙂


3 thoughts on “Good Times..

  1. Your friend reminds me of my younger sister. She cried the whole way though the movie spirit. When we asked her why she was still crying at the end she replied ‘I’m just so ha ha ha ppy’ sobbing all the while. She hasn’t changed much, she’s 17 now and still doing it xx

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