I forgot.

I forgot what it felt like to

Wrap myself up in you….

I forgot what it was like to

Lose myself to you, so I lost…

Blinded by the flashing lights

Deafened by the tracks, the mics,

Novacane pouring through these pores,

Poor, poor numbskull…

Where did the feeling go?

What happened to the free? The flow?

Glitz and glitter don’t mean shit when the light shows..


Pull down my skirt, my roots were showing

Dig deeper, down and dirty, get to sowing

Sowing the same seeds of emotion that got me here

Hold steadfast to experience gained from the past

Always remember…

Dear prodigal child, welcome back

Come back home to the soulful duet of pen and paper

Come back home to the beat of your heart as you pounded

And pounded each emotion to every letter that made up every word

Run back when you begin to forget what got you there

Come back to the beginning..

Lay your head to rest on poetry’s breast

Let it nurture you back to health strong, and beautiful

Welcome Home.


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