My Friend YouTube

Happy Tuesday everybody! I am proud to announce that I am well into Chapter 4 of my novel!

At the beginning of the chapter, I introduce Cadence’s good ol’ friend YouTube–the best place on Internet Earth. I say this because you can find almost anything on YouTube. Whether you’re looking for a song, music video, movie trailer, or even if you just want to learn how to moonwalk in and out of a room, YouTube is there for you:)

**Heeee heeee**

For my post today, I just want to share some of my all-time favorite YouTube videos. Hope you enjoy them, and if you feel compelled to, post some of your favorites in the comments!


3 thoughts on “My Friend YouTube

    • Lol I saw those cats when I was a sophomore in college and I could not stop laughing! BNV is one of my favorite series. I think I’ve seen every performance that’s posted on YouTube.

      Thanks for stopping by! Always appreciate it 🙂

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