Three:Thursday Thursdays | Episode Five – What Grinds My Gears

So I was watching Family Guy the other day… and my favorite person every (Peter Griffin) was doing a segment on the news about what really grinds his gears. Yesterday’s post, which you can find here, kind of inspired me to continue on with my little rant of what irritates/annoys me. So for in this week’s episode, I’ll share 7 things that grind my gears. You’re more than welcome to chime in and comment on what grinds yours as well.

You know what really grinds my gears?

1. People that INSIST on eating with their mouth open like this

And this…

And especially this

I’d much rather hear the nails moonwalking across a chalkboard than to hear the spit going around in your mouth. Cow.

2. People that don’t comprehend the importance of personal space
There’s literally NO reason why I should feel your heartbeat on my spine because your standing too close to me. I always have the urge to turn around and say


3. And speaking of personal space.. close talkers really piss me off.

I don’t think Chibbs appreciates all this close convo either

4. People that don’t wash their hands.. especially when I see you see me see you not washing your hands!!!

5. When someone talks…. entirely…. too… MUCH -__-

6. People that sneeze.. openly

The debris exiting your mouth and nostrils is nauseating

7. And finally…. everything about traffic

That would DEF be me


16 thoughts on “Three:Thursday Thursdays | Episode Five – What Grinds My Gears

  1. Well you have done it again my friend….Thinking do I talk real close to people? hmm you know the europeans are known for this either that or talking loudly with their hands 🙂

  2. I miss Family Guy…. we don’t get the show in Japan. 😦

    As for me, pedestrians who walk in the middle of a sidewalk only big enough for two lanes of traffic. Doubly for those that ignore your ceremonial cough of “I’m behind you!” or the ring of a bicycle bell.

    • Ahhh yes! Those are great ones!

      You live in Japan?! I definitely envy you. I want to visit there sooo bad. My obsession with anime is unreal. It’s been helping me with learning the language though. 🙂 Thanks so much for stopping by!

  3. Okay how much did I enjoy this post. Not only because it feature Peeeeda Griffin and his grinded (is that a word?) gears but the gifs of the little animals…too cute. The heartbeat on the spine remark lol. The talking up someone’s nostrils – have you seen that show NCIS – Mark Harmon does it a lot and I would be tempted to knee him in the groin if he did it to me.
    The shut up girl – that is my face when someone is grinding my gears and the coach driving – I wouldn’t know whether to arrest him (it will be a he) or give him a medal.

  4. The concept of personal space does not exist in Korea. It’s something I adjusted to along with sneezing (wore face mask) and eating/chewing with ones mouth open. So many thongs to miss, but not the last two.

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