Old Notes and Facebook Posts

Once upon a time, I had an addiction to Facebook. I can remember my college days when I had papers to write, and I would click on Facebook to check my notifications. I’d close out the tab, but 5 minutes later, I would find myself opening up another tab to Facebook, knowing good and well that I had no new notifications in the last 3 minutes.

My addiction was probably just about this serious.

Anyway, I have since overcome that addiction–I check my Facebook like once every few weeks (yay for me). I decided to stalk my good ol’ profile and see what goodies I could come up with. I used to write notes all the time–mainly poetry–so I thought it would be nice to share one of my decent ones with you all 🙂


December 10, 2009 at 10:29pm

And allow these words to flow from pen to paper
Like Mary’s oil poured over Jesus’ feet
Refreshing and sweet smelling
The perfume scenting the room holding my mind’s hidden treasures
So I…Must…Write..
And since I’m the master of this piece
This masterpiece will bring its master peace
And I…Must…Write..
And as you read
The words will light your way
Guiding your step til you find the door
Holding the pieces of my life, my heart, my essence..ME.
The good times, bad times,
“Best I ever had” times
But take your time
‘Cause this time it’s on no one else’s terms or time
but mine..
So I…Must…Write..
So you can learn about my great days, sad days,
Usher’s you got it bad days
That ushered in the waves of violent motions
Tossing me back and forth
I thought I could keep it together
Thought I could keep my problems in a world apart
But failed as they tried to tear me apart
And so, I wrote…
I wrote til my heart’s past wounds ripped open
And bled my story onto each line
Wrote til tears splashed and formed each punctuation mark
Mirroring these punctuated marks left on my heart’s walls
From ancient hieroglyphics of past wounds etched deep
To modern script resting on the surface for all to see
And so I decided to take my tools of excavation
So I could take these writings and change their location
Uproot them from my heart’s walls,
No longer harboring the past’s burdens
In order to display them in my own personal museum
So I will continue to write
And use it as my therapy
To help me lift my soul higher without the use of weed…
And write I shall..
Will you just hear?
Or will you listen?


7 thoughts on “Old Notes and Facebook Posts

  1. This is nice this poem reminded me of the def poet J. IVY I like him though really nice I thought I would share his work for your view check it out.

  2. I’ve never understood the addiction to FB. However, I really like the poem. I’ve not written one in a few years now, I think. My mom says she has several notebooks that contain my writing. She is holding on to them for me right now.

  3. Looking and seeing, hearing and listening. Writers must write. Writing has also been a great comfort to me during those ‘waves of violent motions.’ I live on the opposite end of the world to where I grew up – I love facebook, it’s my phone book with faces 🙂 I loved reading the phone book when I was a kid too… all those names, all those stories…You are my neighbour on the #atozchallenge, I’m sure I will see a few of your ramblings over the next month

    • Writing is definitely one of my favorite forms of therapy. There’s just something about releasing my feelings in the physical form of words that’s just so calming at times. I’m glad that you stopped by neighbor! I’ll definitely be checking out your blog as well 🙂

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