Paper cuts : A huge evil in a tiny cut

I honestly don’t know what my life is about right now. I cannot fathom how or why I have managed to inflict so much damage to my poor fingers in one day. Paper cuts are like ninjas. They hide out until they’re exposed… and when they’re finally exposed, they release a fury that the world has never seen. I was at work, minding my own business, when I went to go wash my hand like a decent, non-savage human being when all of a sudden


Pain the likes of which I had never seen coursed through my entire hand. 8 different paper cuts revealed themselves in all their agonizing glory. How they got there? I have not one piece of a clue. Thank God there was no lemon juice or vinegar around. Bastards.


4 thoughts on “Paper cuts : A huge evil in a tiny cut

    • Luckily, I’ve never fallen victim to a manila folder cut, but I have seen countless others wounded on the office battlefield by those suckers. I didn’t envy their suffering… not even for a second!

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