Letter of the Day – F – The Following

As you all know, I’m not a fan of regular TV. If it’s not a cartoon, I probably will not ever watch it. Lately, though, I’ve been watching The Following religiously. The show is about a man named Joe Carroll and his cult of killers that are being pursued by FBI Agent Ryan Hardy. I’m usually not one for the gruesome and gory but this show has got its hooks in me. Somehow, Joe gets people to do his evil bidding with this one look and then all hell breaks loose as they rampage and kill for pleasure.


Aside from the fact that The Following airs every Monday at 9pm on Fox, I wanted to write about this because I just don’t understand how Joe enjoys this. I HATE being followed, except for on my blog of course 🙂 (You guys rock). Whenever people follow me around (physically or just copying what I do) I feel so much pressure. It feels like they’re on my back like

And then my face ends up looking like

Really dude?

Like seriously. Go away. All the way away. But not you guys. You guys are the greatest followers a chick could ask for 🙂 Happy Monday!


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