Good Ol’ G – Gifs and Goals

Happy Tuesday everyone! For today’s post, we explore the letter G πŸ™‚ Okay, that really felt like a Sesame Street moment, but who can say no to a walk down Nostalgia Lane, right?

Today, I’ve decided to talk about a few of my goals. I was inspired by this quote from Tony Robbins that says, “Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into the visible.” My face after I read it:

I mean, it really is true. You won’t know what mysteries you can solve in life or what you are capable of if you don’t get down and dirty.. and dig a little bit to unearth your potential. Setting goals is a good way to push yourself to accomplishing something more than waking up and remembering to brush your teeth. Here are three of my biggest goals.

1. Learn 7 languages.
2. Become a slamming, published, well-known author.
3. Work as a translator for the United Nations.

Even if I can only achieve ONE of the three I’ll feel pretty damn good about myself. What are some of your goals? And how are you going about achieving them?

**By the Way**

I mentioned in an earlier post that I fear for my life when I see earthworms. Just so happens that Mother Nature was depressed and decided to cry this morning. I was walking into work when I accidentally looked down at the ground and saw a tribe of foot-long earthworms doing a line dance across the concrete. My immediate reaction

Pardon me.


5 thoughts on “Good Ol’ G – Gifs and Goals

  1. Happy Tuesday to you too, and good luck with accomplishing all three of your goals, I always have faith that if someone has clear ambition, and enough get up and go, they will achieve their dreams. πŸ™‚ You can already speak 6 languages, is that right? Amazing! (That cat is also amazing!)

  2. How can I think about serious goals when you’re making me laugh with Sesame Street and Mother of God?!? If you’d been clever enough to list “Make readers laugh” as one of your goals, you’d be checking it off right now. Mother of God!!

    • Haha thanks! I probably should have listed actually finishing my first book as one of my goals. Haha. You have some pretty great goals yourself. Best of luck! πŸ™‚

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