Three:Thirty Thursdays|Episode Thirteen – Salute

Afternoon folks! Three:Thirty Thursdays has been on a little hiatus, but it’s back in action. I wanted to take this time to dedicate this episode to the ever talented Dr. Maya Angelou. She passed yesterday, May 28, 2014.

The phenomenal woman you see above is one of the main reasons why I became a writer. I’m not just talking about my blog or my novel either. Before I had even given blogging a thought, before I ever started on chapter 1, I was a poet. Poetry is something that has always spoken to me. Half of the things I say in every day conversation are metaphors & similes that most people can’t help but laugh at. Sometimes when I say things, in my head it’s like

but everyone else is all like

My love for poetry really started with the lovely lady pictured above. I remember being in grade school and learning about poetry through her work. Maya Angelou was truly an inspiration. Her legacy is more than just a few clever quotes in a fancy font on a photograph floating through social media sites. Her words held such power that would one day encourage a shy young girl to explore her inner talents and take the stage her sophomore year of college at her first open mic performance.

I am beyond grateful to have been exposed to the beautifully written words that Dr. Angelou had blessed the world with. Though she is no longer with us, the power of her words will continue to live on. I thank her for telling us why the caged bird sings, for reminding us that we are all phenomenal women, and that no matter what trials we may face, we can still rise. Rest in perfect peace Dr. Maya Angelou. May your words continue to grace the lives of others, even in your absence.


Word Porn Wednesday

Hello my beautiful followers. I’m back. For good. πŸ™‚ I won’t go away again for so long, I promise. Today, I wanted toΒ  share with you one of my most favorite words for Word Porn Wednesday: Sapiosexual. Intelligence in other people is just so stimulating. Come on… Have you ever seen someone who may not have been as attractive as Jensen Ackles *insert swoon here* but the words that come from their mouth make them look like Adonis?

That’s what I thought. Lol. Nothing beats good quality conversation. That’s part of the reason why I have Word Porn Wednesdays. I love words, books, and language, period. The ability to move people with words is magical. You don’t have to be an absolute genius, but it’s helpful if you at least know what the hell you’re talking about and can string together a few sentences into a coherent thought more than “The ball is red.” Even some of the cutest guys had to get hit with:

And just because it made me laugh so much:

Sweet Little Somethings

Okay guys. The other day I told you all about Lana‘s business Sweet Little Somethings. I finally received my order and MANNNN am I pleased πŸ™‚

20140512_204501I’ve sampled everything in the box. EVERYTHING. And I must say, I will definitely be ordering more. I’m so addicted to the granola that I threw some in a bowl, added some milk, and ate it like cereal.Β YUM. If you’re looking for some great organic products, I definitely recommend that you stop by her site and pick up a few things. You will not be disappointed. I applied the lip balm almost 3 hours ago and my lips are still nice and soft. This post is for you Lana-love πŸ™‚ You’re awesome! Thank you!

The Good News

Yesterday I promised that I would share with you my recent leap of faith. So here goes…

I was told about a job opportunity. I was completely unsure if I should pursue it, especially since there was no guarantee that I would be chosen for the position. I decided to go out on a leap of faith and apply. It was then time for the waiting game. I assumed it would take a few days so I automatically resigned myself to assume the appropriate position for situations like this:

To my surprise, I was contacted within 15 minutes and invited for an interview the following day. The interview went smoothly as usual. What I wasn’t expecting, however, was to be offered the job right on the spot! And to make matters even more enticing, my starting salary would be MUCH greater than the one I was earning at my current job. I finished filling out my paperwork today and will be starting next week as a Reservation Specialist.

God is great. Faith really takes you far places. I’m still smiling πŸ™‚