Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Fourteen – Bringing Sexy Back

They say summer is right around the corner but with the way the weather has been lately, it feels like I’ve been giving the devil a mile long piggy back ride and we took a break in his library. When I say it’s hot, it’s HOT

Okay, not Dean hot, but pretty damn close

It’s usually the general practice that people want to get it right, get it tight for the summer season… beach bod and all that.. but I’m no beach bum. I do, however, have my own reasons for wanting to get my fitness on. Numero uno…. my 24th birthday is right around the corner (July 6th woot woot) and I’d like to look back on my fiesta photos years from now and say “24 was a good year”. Numero dos… my wedding is August 24th… and my dress has been purchased since December and I need to make sure it still fits. So even though I want to eat like

I’m going to have to curb my appetite a bit and bust a couple squats for good measure. I’ll probably stop by over at Sweet Little Somethings for some organic goodies to add to the menu. What are you doing to get that beach body?


2 thoughts on “Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Fourteen – Bringing Sexy Back

  1. Kirby and food…. greatest combo ever. congrats on the upcoming festivities! sounds like you will have a blast. don’t stress! and thanks for the eye candy. dean is amazingly scrumptious 🙂

  2. Jogging. Jogging, and more jogging. It must happen this year. But…. it’s so muggy in Kyoto right now. 😦 Good luck on your goals, and happy birthday in 13-ish days! 😉

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