I Got A Little Ahead of Myself

I’ve been so excited about catching up on my blogging that I completely skipped over Tuesday and posted my Word Porn Wednesday a day early.

So last night, my fiance decided to cook dinner. Man, let me tell you it was soooooo good. He hasn’t cooked for me in about 2 years, but I enjoy cooking so it’s not really his fault. Anyway, my inner fat kid did the ultimate happy dance when I tasted that magic. Spicy chicken stew & potato bread. #Yum

In book news:

In the spirit of challenging myself to be the best writer I can, (and to finish this friggin book already), I will be pushing myself to write at least 4,000 words a day for the month of July. Also, I’m also thinking about writing a short story for you all, with a chapter published on my blog once a week. With each chapter that’s written, you all will have the opportunity to comment and critique, and also give your input on how you would like to see the story progress. I think it could be a lot of fun, but of course, I’ll need your participation! 🙂 Til next time 🙂


One thought on “I Got A Little Ahead of Myself

  1. Good luck on that goal! I can barely make 2,000 words on a good day! Yikes. (I lament the word well is pretty dry lately… I can’t seem to form sentences beyond the complexity of a second grader and it is KILLING me inside.)

    FYI, love that scene in Groundhog’s Day. I need to watch that movie again. 😉

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