Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Fifteen – Lucky 7

Good afternoon and happy Thursday!! I was being a good blogger friend and paying a visit to the blogs that I’ve neglected over the past month or so and I stumbled upon a post by Crystin Goodwin called Lucky 7. I had a case of InstaLove with the whole idea of the Lucky 7 blog hop, and so, though I was not nominated for it, I’ll scoot the rules over a bit and participate anyway 🙂

The rules are simple:

  • Go to page 7 or 77 in your current WIP.
  • Go to line 7
  • Post on your blog the next 7 sentences or 7 lines —as they are!
  • Tag 7 people and do the same. 
  • You can choose between page 7 or 77.

So for your viewing pleasure, here is page 77 line 7.. 7 sentences. Enjoy!

           Tried and failed.
           Cadence couldn’t hold back the tears that had been waiting to burst from their ducts. Her heavy sobs bubbled from her chest in despair-laden breaths. She forced herself to sit up, curling her legs to her chest, ignoring the searing pain that shot through her limbs and threatened to send her back to unconsciousness.
           Axelia climbed into the bed, pulling herself closer to Cadence. She lowered Cadence’s head into her tiny lap, rocking her gently and stroking her golden curls. A dulcet melody filled the air as she quietly sang, “Nowma wa alhalum.”

Now show me what you’re working with!:

Alex Hurst
Sammy D
The Way of the Wytch
Elsie Elmore
The Wordy Rose
R.E.P This Moment

Good luck! 😉


3 thoughts on “Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Fifteen – Lucky 7

  1. D’oh! Never got a notification for this tag, haha… glad I checked. Nice writing in your excerpt. Easy to understand even 77 pages out of context. 😉 What language is that?

    And, as for me? ….this excerpt is going to sound really sexual, but it’s not, haha….

    Page 7, line 7, 7 sentences:

    “[…] Aysa’s warning of permanent blindness flows back into my thoughts. I am careful to use my elbow afterward.

    I don’t know how long they will keep me in here. There is nothing to do but wait now, and listen to the hiss of the coals as they burn. I can already feel the uncomfortable prick of forced sweat on my skin. Under my knees, down my temple, between my breasts. I wipe at the drops that trickle down with the linen that was given to me.”

    (she’s inside a sweat lodge)

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  3. I didn’t get a notification either! Just goes to show that we love reading your posts 😉
    I love the words Alexia sings too, I would like to hear it.
    Thanks for the tag, I’ve linked back to your blog.
    Happy writing. x

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