Three:Thirty Thursdays | Epsiode Nineteen – Catch My Breath

I cannot breathe right now. For a few reasons actually. The first, and most annoying reason is because my stupid, once-in-a-blue-moon allergies have decided to pop up out of nowhere. Zyrtec and Claritan have failed me so I sit here and suffer as I cough, sniffle, sneeze and write. Well, the sneezing isn’t such a bad thing.

The second, and most delightful reason is that the final book in The Lux Series by Jennifer Armentrout will be coming out in 5 days!! I’ve already pre-ordered that bad boy, so I will be graced by it’s presence on Tuesday morning 🙂 If you’re into the whole paranormal, teen love, Twilight meets aliens kind of story, I highly suggest that you check it out!


Word Porn Wednesday – Meraki

I think we can all relate to today’s word. Every day (or whenever we can, like in my case) we pour our hearts, lives, skills, and creative juices into each blog post. Blogging is all about sharing our thoughts with whoever decides to stop by and take a looksie. I feel like I get to know a little piece of each blogger I follow through their posts. I’ve learned so much about all of you because you have such a passion for what you’re doing. Hopefully, you feel the same about me 🙂

As for me, here are a few updates: I’m finally back on track with my novel *yay*. I anticipate being done by the end of August, so keep an eye out for that triumphant post. Also, wedding planning is almost done. Everything has pretty much been picked out and majority has been paid for. Note to self: never do a DIY wedding again.. not that there will be a next time anyway lol

Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Eighteen – Word Porn Wednesday

I’m a slacker, so today is a two-in-one episode special since I missed yesterday’s Word Porn Wednesday. Enjoy~

I’m seeing a whole bunch of phosphenes today. They will probably have breakfast with me, take me out to lunch, and make me want to skip dinner entirely to get some sleep. When I say I’m tired, I’m T I R E D! I’ve been tired for a few days now, but today takes the cake and shoves it down its greedy little throat. My mind has been all over the place and last night, I was kept up by thoughts of nothing and everything until about 3AM. Caffeine is not an option since it makes my heart feel like its going to burst right out of my chest, so I’m pretty sure this will be my situation throughout the day:



My brain is a loopy, tangled mess right now. I’m balancing about 10 different tasks on one shoulder, maybe 20 on the other. My book needs to be written – since it won’t write itself – but, I need to be wedding planning – since it won’t plan itself – but, I need to be doing work while at work and not wedding planning or book writing. Not to mention I was supposed to also be working on my first EP – since the songs won’t write or sing themselves – but, that’s obvi not happening right now. If one more person asks me to do something,


Three:Thirty Thursdays | Episode Seventeen – Creeps That Crawl

As I was getting ready for work this morning, a news headline popped up at the bottom of the TV screen. My fiance looked at it, laughed, and when I asked him what happened, he said that the headline reminded him of me. Apparently, a man burned his house to the ground in attempts to kill a spider. He tried to use a spray can and a lighter, and well… the results were not pretty.

Not the actual house, I promise.

What sucks about this story is that there is no way to confirm that the nasty little bugger is even dead. For all we know, he can be twerking from a blade of grass while watching the blaze from a safe distance.

Random fact: Male black widow spiders twerk while trying to seduce the female black widow… Apparently the females aren’t friendly and will eat the male if his hips work isn’t up to par. Interesting. And gross.