Random Rambling – Thoughts on Pulp

So, for this morning’s breakfast I decided to go with a croissant, egg & cheese with turkey bacon (yum). Apple juice is like crack to me, but today I decided to go with a bottle of Ruby Red Grapefruit juice instead. I’ve always been a grapefruit fan, but this particular bottle was chock full of pulp.

I never understood the reason behind pulp. It freaks me out. If I’m drinking juice… a LIQUID, I don’t expect to feel little fuzzy nonsense SOLID particles tickling my throat as I’m attempting to enjoy my beverage. While food shopping the other day, I saw a box of OJ that proudly boasted that it was LOADED with pulp.. Ew. For all that, you might as well just eat a damn orange.



3 thoughts on “Random Rambling – Thoughts on Pulp

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