So I Was On The Train…

…and the couple that stood before me while I sat towered over me like two skyscrapers. I was minding my business, reading a free book on my Kindle when suddenly, a blanket of heat fell over me. As they continued to laugh and converse, the blanket got thicker, and scurried into my nostrils in an attempt to suffocate me in my very seat. Two of the strongest cases of morning breath I have ever experienced were dancing the most intimate tango in the air all around me, and it took everything in me not to hand each of them a slice of gum and a mint for good measure. I thanked all the baby angels when the hot-breathed pair got off at the stop before mine, taking their desert-heat exhales with them.

My EXACT reaction reenacted by Jensen Ackles


7 thoughts on “So I Was On The Train…

  1. Where is the rest? I was hoping what was gonna happen next! Nice, good job! I felt like I was on the train too, but hoping not to smell that breath, oh no! Lol

  2. Hate when this happens…. though being in an overcrowded train in Japan with five men’s armpits surrounding you is still worse…. @,@

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