Out of Office…

Good afternoon! Happy Monday! Happy Dec 1. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

Most of you guys, like me, had a nice little 4 day weekend. For those in the working world, it’s only appropriate to throw on your Out of Office message so that the world knows that you will be stuffing your face, drinking spiked egg nog, and even taking part of the late night shopping madness known as Black Friday. There are some people, however, who decide to NOT put their reading skills to good use, and decide to become the most annoying creatures on the planet.

As I’m scrolling through my 198 emails from over the long weekend, I couldn’t help but notice that I received over 15 emails from a few individuals saying “Hi, I emailed you on Thursday and today is Sunday and I still have yet to receive a response”.

Uhm…. How about reading the friggin out of office message that I took the time to write that says the whole entire friggin office will be closed until MONDAY, DECEMBER 1st 2014.

My sentiments exactly.



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