C: Challenges

The last six months of my life have been an intense roller coaster. I’ve experienced some of the most “grown-up” scenarios of my adult life, made a few life-changing decisions, and reached a few huge milestones along the way. Through these trials, I’ve learned to be my biggest cheerleader. If I don’t have faith in me, who else will? I thought to myself. In these last few weeks, I have learned to be grateful for the challenges life has thrown at me.

Yep, you heard me right. Me, not-so-bright-side Sam, has been learning how to look at the bright side. All. The. Time. Soo many people when I say that this doesn’t come second nature to me. I promise you, just trust me on this one. This part of the gratitude journey has been my biggest hurdle. I slip up every single day. Seriously. The whole day will go by with me prospering. And then…

SMH. Yes. Just like that. Boom. Something happens–smacks me right in the face and I become the world’s best amateur break-dancer. Lol. But every day, I remind myself that even though I trip up, I can still make the choice to keep moving. I can refine my moves, practicing every day until my muscles remember what to do. Gratitude, like life, is a marathon, not a sprint. Some days are easier than others, but nothing lasts forever. I’m learning to dance it out like my favorite Grey’s Anatomy characters and love all parts of myself, well-behaved or not. 🙂


2 thoughts on “C: Challenges

  1. I’ve actually read a lot of A-Z bloggers who have mentioned gratitude recently. Maybe I’ve just happened to click on all of the right blogs? Maybe it’s fate? Divine intervention? Whatever it is, I think you are on the mark. Life can be complicated and crazy, but we just have to keep going and be grateful for what we have and seeing the positives in life rather than focusing on the negative. After all “tomorrow is another day!” (Gone With The Wind) 🙂

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