The ‘S’ Behind the Dot

Who Am I?

I am the S behind the dot and that does not only refer to my name. [Sam]

The S behind the dot is someone who is on a path of soul-searching, success seeking, and surrounded by dreams of what could be.  I’m a twenty something looking to make something of myself while having a blast along the way. Music, poetry, storytelling, singing, dancing, and all things creative bleed from my imagination and leave stains on the lives of those that take a second to partake in my world. I pride myself on living between the creases of book leaves for weeks at a time. I take the term bookworm to a whole new extreme.

My official journey started just yesterday [2.19.14] but I have been living behind the dot for just about the entirety of my life. Don’t get me wrong, though the period at the end of a sentence marks the end of a thought, I am far from being done.

With this blog, I am hoping to live up to and greatly exceed every single expectation I have of myself and I am hoping that you will come along for the ride. I have finally started to work on my first YA novel and I will definitely appreciate insight from my blogger buddies. I hope you enjoy the Random Ramblings on my Wall.

7 Rambles from the S behind the dot:

1. Seven is my favorite number, hence my seven rambles.
2. I do my best work with the most background noise.
3. My goal is to learn 7 languages before I’m thirty.
4. There is no such thing as being too old for cookies and milk.
5. I was probably Japanese in a past life |Anime Rules the World|
6. I’m addicted to all things supernatural (aliens, vampires, fairies and the like)
7. French fries dipped in my chocolate shake taste like glitter from baby angel wings

~Your Fellow Bookworm~


21 thoughts on “The ‘S’ Behind the Dot

  1. Seven, a magic one —the largest number that most people could visually appreciate. Put seven dots on a page, and most people can take a quick glance and declare, “Seven.” Switch to eight, and the majority of humanity was lost 🙂 🙂
    Anyhow. Every person has one particular time in his life when she/he is more beautiful than she/he is ever going to be again. For some it is at seven, for others at seventy, and as I read your description above, I ‘am thinking that for you it is probably just now.

    • I swear you’re amazing! Thank you so much for the kind words and for taking the time to read and comment on my blog. You have some great posts and I look forward to reading a lot more of your work 🙂

      • I look forward to read also your stories and hope they never quite leave me. It takes a very long time to become young 🙂 Thanks to you for being so yourself.

  2. So I got the promotion email from poetreecreations, and the link was to your poem re the gun. July of 2012 I posted a different version: a conversation between a gun and someone contemplating using it on themselves, called The Gun, The Bad and the Ugly.

    Similar themes.

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  4. I am in awe of you 20-somethings who have so much going for you at such an early age. Your “about” is so creatively written and shows so much personality and self-esteem. Part of my blogging passion is to find bloggers of different ages, ethnicities, and passions of their own, so my worldview is broadened and enriched. I am very glad I made my way to your online home.

    • Thank you so much! I am glad to be able to meet bloggers from all walks of life as well! It makes the experience so much more enriching. I am also glad that I have connected with someone as yourself who always has an air of positivity. It’s really encouraging 🙂

      • Thanks! One of the changes I made early this year was dropping a couple of activities or “friends” who did not support a positive experience. I realized that I’m more upbeat in solo activities, and have found writing to be very rewarding.

  5. You go girl, I have no doubt by your wonderful attitude that you are going to reach all those goals and even more. I am on the other end of life, crone-ing, and am once again pursuing all those things you are mentioning. And guess what, it is just as amazing the second time around.

    • Thank you for the encouragement! And for the kind words 🙂 Having goals turns life into an adventure, and I don’t plan on ending my adventure no matter how old I get!

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